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John F. Christgau

Award-winning author, poet and playwright John Christgau’s first novel “Spoon” was called a “Candide of the Wild West” and won The Society of Midland Authors prize for “Best Fiction” in 1978. The Minnesota native went on to publish 11 more books on a variety of subjects from basketball to horse racing to the World War II alien enemy internment program in the U.S.

John’s short stories, articles, and humor have appeared in national and international periodicals. His books have been the focus of extensive press coverage, including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and the New York Review of Books.

In 2017, John produced the first season of the “Payless Murders” podcast, which can be heard on iTunes, about the longest old-cold triple homicide in Calif. Season Two is currently in progress.

John’s Work

Fiction, non fiction, poetry, podcasting, plays and more.



One of John's most-read books, Enemies shares the internment storeis of German, Italian and Japanese Americans during WWII.


Birch Coulie

In Birch Coulie John Christgau recounts the dramatic events surrounding the battle. American history at its narrative best, his book is also a uniquely balanced and accurate chronicle of this little-understood conflict, one of the most important to roil the American West.


Kokomo Joe

The story that unfolds in Kokomo Joe is at once inspiring, deeply sad, and richly ironic—and remarkably relevant in our own climate of nationalist fervor and racial profiling.